Artist's Statement

On Design and motorcycles...the beginning of a long winded discourse

I have spent nearly the last decade of my life as a student of ceramics, sculpture, and art history. Add that to some engineering, plenty of time in construction as well as building cars and bikes, and this background on me might explain a bit of what will be a long discourse on how I think and relate elements of art and design to my motorcycles.

With my motorcycles, in no way do I think I am inventing the wheel. Rather, I feel that I am improving on a preexisting design in a way that best suits my personal aesthetic, as well as my idea of how things should function. I am trying to detail a series of processes and thought patterns that are nearly second nature to me, but also have a history, rationale, and most times, a precedent.

When it comes to ceramics and sculpture, the focus is relatively simple: a form comprised of elegant lines that showcases whatever it is I am trying to say, whether it be a bowl, ceramic gas tank, or mixed media sculpture. It needs to show a feeling, whether attempting to capture speed and grace, display power in a form, or simply show itself by being there.

Art is meant to display some of its artist and elicit reaction in its viewers.

- Dave H.